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Open Loop CT 25A --- 600A
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Open Loop Current Transducer

TDH 25A~400A


? Highly reliable Hall Effect device
? Compact and light weight
? Fast response time
? Excellent linearity of the output voltage over a wide input range
? Excellent frequency response (> 50 kHz)
? Low power consumption (12 mA nominal)
? Capable of measuring both DC and AC, both pulsed and mixed
? High isolation voltage between the measuring circuit and the current-
carrying conductor (AC2.5KV)
? Extended operating temperature range
? Flame-Retardant plastic case and silicone encapsulate, using UL
classified materials, ensures protection against environmental
contaminants and vibration over a wide temperature and humidity
Nominal Input Current:25A-400A
Linear Range:±600A
Other 1
? UPS systems
? Industrial robots
? NC tooling machines
? Elevator controllers
? AC and DC servo systems
? Motor speed controller
? Inverter-controlled welding machines
? General and special purpose inverters
? Other automatic control systems

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